Limiting Diplomacy Exploitation

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Even with 2.0 it’s really easy to exploit the AI diplomatically.  I’ve provided a bunch of posts/save games about this in the past, so no need to repeat, but as always I'll provide a save game from 2.0 if required.

Now obviously Brad could code the AI to follow these exploits.  But it's against a human.  Consider:

  • Would you give the AI awesome technologies just to get a bunch of weak ones in return?
  • Would you give the AI heaps of cash for a bunch of weak technologies?
  • Would you give the AI 3,000 credits even time they offer a Free Trade Agreement?
  • Would you as a human player accept an offer for about 3,000 credits to declare war on an AI five times your military strength, and then five seconds later accept another 3,000 credits to declare war on yet another more powerful neighbour?
  • Would you accept an Alliance when it would allow that AI to win/end the game?

Unfortunately these are the sorts of deals the AI accepts right now … all the time.  I’m struggling to “see” the improvements in the AI in 2.0, all the efforts made, when I see this sort of AI silliness in-game.

I’m very happy to play with Alliance Victories off, but playing without diplomacy entirely (which seems the only way to avoid this) really isn’t any fun, and I tend to switch off from the game at that point.  It’s 4X so some exploitation is all good and well, but this is excessively OP. 

In short, what I’m still suggesting is changes to limit the player’s ability to excessively exploit the AI diplomatically.  This is the Number 1 thing I’d like to see in Crusade beyond what has been posted in recent Dev Diaries.

And if the intent is not to close some of this in Crusade, I'm interested in the logic behind that.  Is it because the focus is beginners, who are in need of diplomacy exploitation to help them keep up with the AI?  

Also I wanted to reinforce the AI observations from rog214 in this post, if not reviewed already, it's recommended.