Galactic Civilizations Mobile App

Posted on Saturday, February 25, 2017

With the previous post from Frogboy about the upcoming Crusades expansion several people expressed interest in the possibility of a Galactic Civilizations Mobile App, in specific modeling after Galactic Civilizations II.  

Now with this being said a few questions to the Galactic Civilizations fans...

  • What Galactic Civilizations would you want an app to be based on, Galactic Civilizations (the original), Galactic Civilizations II (Gold), Galactic Civilizations III (Base Game).
  • What if they had to limit the size of maps to tiny and small only (maybe medium at max), would you still be interested?
  • Any other special features would you be looking for?

How much would you be willing to pay for the mobile app version of the game if there was no regular pay to win options (just a good game to play for hours)?

  • Less than $10 (I would never pay more than that for any app, where is the free version, I'm cheap).
  • $10.01 to $15 (Apps that don't have a pay to win or continue to play are fun but mobile apps are designed to be inexpensive).
  • $15.01 to $20 (If it's a good game in app form and I don't have to nickel and dime to continue on I'm willing to pay for it).
  • $20.01 to $25 (Hey it's Galactic Civilizations in app form it's going to be great let's support Stardock).
  • $25.01 or more (Where is the go fund me/kick starter page, let's get this baby stated now).

Would you still be interested if you got a skeleton version of the game and had to pay more to get any extra feature, such as more than 2 factions, more than tiny maps, no adds ect?

  • Yes, I'll pay $2.99 for the base skeleton game plus $1.99 for each add-on.
  • Yes, I'll pay $1.99 for the base skeleton game, add-on's best be almost free.
  • No, I expect a free game but, I'd be willing to pay $1.99 for add-on's or to get rid of annoying adds.
  • No, I expect a free game and I'd only download it and try it if it's free.

What should be the supported OS/Device?

  • Android (Many non-Apple phones/tablets)
  • IOS (Apple only)
  • Both of the above (Why minimize our market?)
  • Other

Finally that we have people thinking about this, now to convince Stardock