My list of grievances I have with GalCiv 3

Posted on Friday, February 24, 2017

This will be a list of problems that I have with GalCiv 3. For a while, I've been finding it difficult to put into words reasons why I don't like this game. Instead of waiting for my writers block to pass, I'll be posting stuff that I think could be improved. They are in no particular order. I'll be posting as I think of them.

-I can't upgrade ships easily. When I want to upgrade ships in a fleet, I have to do it one at a time. The ships break away from the fleet when upgrading. Then there is a mess sorting things out afterwards.
-Shipyards don't auto upgrade ships in the queue to the latest model. I have to clear the queue before refilling it with new ships.
-Continue making ship requires that you first put a ship in the build queue, then select that ship in the queue, then turn on continue build. You can't use the left menu and click continue build from the start.
-I can't start the project military production without a shipyard. This is true even if a shipyard is in the queue. Instead, when the shipyard is finished, I will be taken to an idle planet with no hint that the shipyard was finished. It takes a moment to figure out what planet it was, that the shipyard was finished, and that I should turn military spending on.