[] 2 Bugs - Cant cancel or add non buildings to the planet queue (Assembly/Shipyard/Planet Project)

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[Bug 1] Cant Cancel Some things in the planet building queue.

-Have the last tile left on a planet
-Pick a building to build there
-Add Assemble/ship yard
-Remove from the turn order the building in the queue
-The cancel button for Assembly or ship yard is greyed out until you exit the planet menu.

Im guessing this will effect any non building, i cant think of any non buildings except for Shipyard, assembly, its upgrades and the Planet projects.
You can fix the bug but exiting the planet screen and re-entering the planet screen.

[Bug 2] Cant add non building things to the planet queue if there is no empty tiles on the planet.

-Have a planet, add buildings to the queue for all tiles.
(As you can see u can still build a shipyard/Assembly, etc.)
-Remove one building from a tile/queue
-Exit and re-enter the planet
-Double click a building which will auto add it to the last tile
-Attempt to add a shipyard, assembly or planet project. You cant.
-You need to exit and re-enter the planet to add them.

(bug 2 is the second half of the Gif, it is done right after the first bug is show but they can be done separately)

Edit: Ticket ID #HOB-105-74660