Money to burn

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Many times, I get an economy going that is making tons of credits.  After a while, I have spent all I can find to spend, am already putting out one ship or improvement per turn when I want to, and my treasury just fills up.  Sometimes I pay incredible cash amounts for techs I don't really need.  Boring.  I have tried buying starbases, but they don't do that as much anymore.  AI is getting too darn smart, I tell you.  What is a poor little spendthrift to do?

I remember Asteroid Mines used to have upgrades.  I would like upgrades to this generation of Asteroid Mines.  500 cred gets me one production point.  5000 cred should get me a second production point.  If that doesn't drain my pockets, 50000 for the third point should do it.    There, we have two levels of upgrade for Asteroid Mines again!