I would like to see a stardock Ryzen vrs Intel on Ashes and GCIII comparison.

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I know its kinda silly to ask a game development company to ask for it to do bench comparisons on its games using two different CPU types. I figured Frogboy may and I say <may> build an AMD machine just to see how it performs vrs a good Intel 6900K. If you uh, happen to build such I am sure many folks here would love to hear what you think about the new AMD line up. 

At this point with all the hype, I am on the fence. As I have stated a few times i am going to rebuild an entirely new game desktop and had intially targeted the high end intell 6850K or 6900K as my CPU. If Ryzen actually equals the same performance as these Intel processors but at half the cost I am happy to change things up. 

My games of choice are Gal Civ III, (the coming Battletech from Hairbrained), (the coming Pillars of Eternity II from Obsidian), Civilization VI, Star Wars the Old Republic, (the coming Star Control from Stardock), and while I am old and slow I have been dropping in on Frogboys Ashes streams and that game looks terribly addictive. 

So I want of course, to build a computer that excels as much as possible. I was thinking of a 27" 1440P or slightly larger at 4k.