What works to open, change, and resave an .xml file

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2017

Sorry for my stupidity, my only real modding experience has for the most part been confined so far to making races, and components for races. With the lack of real time I have, I never really wanted to get that far into it. Hell, there are so many great modders out their who obviously work their butts off for us, and give us a great and ever changing and expanding game, and then go back and change their mods as SD releases new updates that often seem to fubar their hard work. Well here's my problem, I found a small program on Nexus that added 31 minor races to your game, and thought that other than time, it should not be hard just to change it up for my universe, and it started going fine. I changed the portraits, BG's, and logos just keeping the name the same (could not figure out what this individual was ding with the FG, it's just blank, ooh well it still works). tried the changes and worked fine. Now I try to change the ".xml file" for the race description and it opens it on IE. So I tried Wordpad and it allowed me to adjust it, but warned that it was a read only file. The I saved it and took a look at it and it opens again in IE, but does not look the same at all. So, what is the best way to make a change to an .xml file? Thanks for patience and any help or advice you can give.