Posted on Monday, February 13, 2017

I bought a new computer recently, and reinstalled Galactic Civilizations 3. It has been awhile since I played it, and I restarted many times until I caught on to how to do the first builds right early to keep up with the AI. I had fun before, and was excited to try the changes in 2.0.

The last two games, finally got it right, and was able to build up enough of a defensive fleet that when the Drengin, Krynn and Snathi attack (Huge map, all the races), I could defend. I have yet to declare a war since I reinstalled.

The last two games, the Peacekeepers have arrived, and proceeded to take out my ships (and a random starbase or shipyard, for good measure). The first time, they at least took out one of my enemy's ships, but I couldn't stop the other two.

This last game, despite the fact the Drengin were sending in wave after wave of 7 or 8 ship fleets with transports, the Peacekeepers only destroyed my ships, so I could watch the Drengin take half of my worlds before stopping.

What's the point in taking an otherwise fun game, and disrupting it with an arbitrary, destructive mechanic? I felt I had no options to influence my game the last two times I played. I had not started a war, was fighting defensively, and both games I had just started building my own transports to finally attempt a colony invasion when the Peacekeepers came and ended the game.

Are the Peacekeepers a guaranteed, or random chance event? Do they come by a certain turn? Can they be turned off?

As it stands now, I feel annoyed and that my time learning this game was wasted.