Lack of Administrators

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Guys, help me out here.

With the 2.0 announcement about starbase administrator, it was noted that we could build planetary improvements to add starbase administrators. I'm not seeing any Improvement (well, not in the Terran or Yor tech trees) that adds administrators or ups the percentage, just some tech adds that provide a boost for the whole empire. And the only integer add is an early option in the Diplomacy tree. Everything else is a 20% boost.

In a gigantic map, starting in one corner, I've got a grand total of 34 bases possible and 29 used. That's without having picked the diplomatic option, but with serious research into all the other possible boosts. 6 econ bases, 7 precursor and 16 resource mining bases and those are spread across a map covering about 20% of the entire map.

Was is the intention to limit starbases this heavily? One economic base per planet plus a few for whatever mining resources, ascension crystals, precursor tech bases you might have access to doesn't seem unreasonable. That doesn't even consider strategic military base or advance outposts for expansion.

Does no one else ever build a "star lane" using a string of military bases with speed buffs? That's not going to be a realistic option anymore.

Am I overlooking something?