Please, note a few things

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017

Dear developers!

Please treat my letter with attention and respect.
I'm an old fan of the game series and last game - GC3 have also played long enough to get the title of "honorary Stardockian"
I am concerned that lately the game started to change, it is not going to play the benefit.
Some users were crying on the forum that it is very easy to win against the computer.
Very many artifacts.
That you can quickly examine all the technologies.
None of those who cried, didn't even think to increase the complexity of the game at a more complex level, because everything changes instantly.

The worst thing that you, the developers went to meet them.
You have removed a number of artifacts - yeah, yeah, don't tell me they are not removed, because they became 5 times less.
I know very well what is abundant, and I remember very well what number of earlier artifacts.
And prizes they became less and protected artifacts also became less.
Studied technologies have become a little longer, and bonuses become smaller achievements along the branches.
And all this is proportionally reduced to increase the difficulty of the game.
The players complained about the spam from the database - you reduce the number of bases by several orders of magnitude.
You take away the micromanagement at all - you simplify the game?
Remember what happened to МОО3 - everything is simplified, but no one plays it. 

I liked it when a lot of resources, a lot of bases, I liked to build Durantium factory and Elerium plants.
And the economic rewards - as soon as you find such, so just fly there and build a base.
By the way, now the crystals of the ascension are not needed - no one would ever think to build a base there.
Like me, many players, believe me.

And instead of trying to fix small and not so small bugs, you decided to break something that worked so well.

Instead of the AI to teach them to rebuild and to build up the right planet (my eyes are bleeding looking at this construction ) you took over the miserable limitation - 71 base on the biggest map - WTF?
Increased logistics, and now 4 large ship is hard to fit into the fleet.
Done optimizing the game, but this "optimization" has led to such lag, so long passages that play at Insein in the spiral became impossible, only scattered clusters.

I wanted to point out the obvious errors that should be corrected, and not break all good!
You reduced the size of the card, and promised to increase the number of inhabited planets. No. This is not so.
Eight of the ten starts in this galaxy:

Or in such:

I can cite countless such examples.
Teach generator galaxy to do the normal star system.
Even in the next 7 yellow dwarfs I have one, maximum two habitable planets of 20-30 dead.
Exhibited naturally abundant.


Teach the AI to properly build the fleets or you get a nightmare:

first, if the computer will cooperate these ships in fleets - it will be stronger, much stronger than the player with two ships.
The player in this case alone will break all the enemy ships. In another way AI will be stronger, and will be interesting to play.

secondly, don't be so boring. After all, to sit around and methodically kill one HUNDREDS of enemy ships is boring.

thirdly - make one the real optimization here - if I specify a quick battle, then I do not need animation, does not need sound, quick battle - a half-second. Now that's just 5-6 seconds.
On this screen a similar example:

multiply 6 seconds at more than two hundred ships in this pack - how long will I kill it? A couple of hours. Why?
Get off sound and video when you choose quick battle.

When you release the next patch constantly talk about improving diplomacy. I'm playing on the higher difficulty levels have not noticed anything like that.
I wonder why?

But because once I meet the neighbors, 8-10 moves to me declared war - regardless of your of updates and "improvements" of diplomacy.
Because either they have not the same ideology, or have a goal - world domination or I'm delicious, but still: as soon as we met, and diplomacy for me immediately minus six or minus eight, and continues to deteriorate.
I don't have time to do anything, me declared war very quickly, try on the higher difficulty levels to play.
I'm not complaining about difficulty, I'm complaining on what you say about improving diplomacy, and on the higher difficulty levels no.

Here I would now like to address the question of calculating the rating of the races. Now it is fundamentally wrong, and AI believes their superiority on the basis of these figures, of course is also incorrect. Need something to do with it.
Cheat hundreds, sometimes thousands of points per turn to anything good does not. And especially crazy when in the end there is one planet. And it's not the capital of the Empire. Planet, say, sixth level, and she was left alone - well, where there are six to eight thousand points might of the Empire?
And it only built two buildings, the markets...

The construction in the colonies, I propose to divide into "production", "science", "money", "population" and "everything", I mean here:

not to spin the mouse wheel each time ten-twenty times at the very beginning of construction, and it will be more effective.

How many game years, and still can't run the ship scanner away and then just to see what he did.
Can't - because it flies, and if you don't follow him and in the manual move it, after two or three turns, he flies, screen followed by black.
I changed the operating system and re-installed the game and the new driver for the video card was the problem was and is.

In General, there is something to optimize, without breaking the well-established, good, beautiful things.

I was only pointing out some obvious bugs, it is better to correct the non-working or ill-working moments.

And please, return to normal - the same number of artifacts, and artifacts are protected, at high levels, especially.

Sincerely, SergSV.