2.0 Feedback (Admins and Diplomacy)

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2017

Good morning! Here in California we had such rain! Amazing Rain! As such I just sat and listened to the rain on my roof for two days while playing Gal Civ III. 

My settings: Insane, Abundant Stars, Uncommon hab, rare hab, common nubulea, occasional on all other resources/anomalies. Pirates ~rare, no tech brokering, AI on Gifted, Minors on Abundant, and I had 17 Ai majors. Here are some thoughts on a great game. 

  • I get 90 Admin on an Insane map. While there were tons of resources on the map, I felt that it was too many admins. I discussed this with a friend and also Horemvore. I liked his idea of cutting them down  (I say to 30) initially and then after you get admin tech you would get 150% more. My other friend was ADAMANT on thinking it was not enough Admins as he likes to build MANY mining and influence starbases. So the Jury is out on that. I never ran into any problems on having enough admins on this map. 
  • Diplomacy is improved. Trades were now a haggle point and are in my opinion better than any previous build. It is still possible to bend the ai too much by stacking Diplomacy buildings (Thalan and Diplomo line) and using starbases to multiply that effect. I think polar opposites should have a feature which 'cancels' out my good diplomacy by at least 75% to keep the hostility which would be normal, say Altarians vrs Drengin. Trades were much better and more 'fair'.
  • Ai building placement needs a bit of work, however I did see the Drengin placing 'hub' buildings and then the correct buildings around it. I saw this on EVERY planet I invaded. Ship building on the ai part is far better and fleet organization is also good. The ai needs to use the ship roles or be taught how to do that. My 'Capital/Escort' combo can usually hold up very well. I use a tank to block the attackers and my capitals behind to burn them down. I would like to see more different uses for the ship roles. I know there was an 'ai improvement'that really changed the roles and after learning it, I simply changed my capitals to guardians and my escorts to assault. Did the same thing. So what we need is the Ai to actually do the same thing as the player. Make strong capitals and pair them with 'tanking' escorts. This actually will go a long way to giving a human player a run for the money. 
  • Tech snowballing. There is nothing I can think of with the exception of making the cost of techs soar about half way through the age of war. The entire last 3rd of any tech line should be 3 or 4x the cost of all previous techs. The reason is by this time the player has likely had at least one war and if not eliminated has absorbed the enemy planets and is producing MORE tech points and thus will outpace all other ai. Its either that or have some kind of repugnant diminishing returns soft cap which I am against ....but may work. 

Thanks for reading!