Decentralize the Bazaar

Posted on Sunday, January 8, 2017

Now when you locate a Bazaar you have instant access to purchase mercenaries available in that game.

I suggest that the Bazaar should be split into multiple bazaars each with a different selection of ships, of course they wouldn't each have 5 ships per age. Maybe some would have ships from a single age. In the main Bazaar menu you would see all the bazaars and click on the one you want to purchase from.

Perhaps mercenary ships would spawn at the bazaar they were purchased from and not at the civ capital.

This is to avoid one civilization basically getting all the mercenaries in a game. It would also add to exploration.

I also suggest that in other to purchase from a bazaar in should be in a civ's zone of influence.

It would also be nice to be a able to attack bazaars, this would have the repercussion that no bazaar would trade with a civilization that has attacked another, all mercenaries ships available to that bazaar would join the battle when it is attacked and if someone succeeds in destroying a bazaar they receive a lot of credits.