Upgrading ships with a unique part to a more modern version with identical unique part not possible?

Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here's what I mean: I was given the chance to equip a ship with that precursor weapon that gives 15 attack of all types, but can only be put on a single ship, then no more.

However, later I designed a more modern version of the same ship, identical precursor weapon, but the more recent versions of the vanilla parts. The game did not offer me to upgrade the older version to this one, which meant I had to get rid of the ship completely to built the modern version from scratch. Since this was a "large" design that is quite something.


Is this really WAD? Or does the game get confused when upgrading such a ship with a unique weapon? I mean, I do not use the component twice, but maybe the game thinks I attempt to when upgrading?


Is there a way to upgrade still?