Catering to Stats and Why This Can Be Flawed...

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My argument against the whole more people play SP or more players play smaller maps or even most larger game maps never come to completion are the following...

  • More players play SP vs MP by 95% or more...
    • First off MP was very unstable at launch which turned people away from MP, it has gotten better but, haven't tried more than 2 player MP in a long time, that is were most of the stability issues were with 3 or 4 players.
    • Turn Times - At first the game hums along but, after the human players get going turn times start expanding quite rapidly causing one or more players sitting around doing nothing.
      • Fix add Turn timer - that way each player knows it will be their turn in no more than x minutes.
      • Fix add a sub game in the game that can keep the waiting player occupied while waiting such as
        • test battles against designed ships.
        • test layouts on a planet such as show me my planet and avail buildings let me see what it will be producing if all buildings were built in this layout or this layout ect...
        • Other mini games... (suggestions)
      • Fix add turn notification to all screens ect... (Diplomacy, Ship Designer, Planet, Star Base) Screens.
    • Add chat to diplomacy screen for two human players to chat in game vs having to go to Steam Chat.
  • More players play on smaller maps...
    • Smaller maps take far less time to complete, so I can play a tiny map 20 times in the time it takes me to play one gigantic map it doesn't mean that I'm playing the game less, in fact I could be spending more time in the game.
    • I only have an hour or two and I want to try a new strategy I'll fire up a quick game quick and test one and then go back to my larger game later.
  • Many players that start large map games don't complete them.
    • Bring back Ctrl+N
      • Bad starting location I'm going to be investing a month into this game I want to make sure it's going to play out okay, no Ctrl+N have to exit and restart.
      • Don't like my home world layout/bonus's need to restart no Ctrl+N
      • Bad Mercenary Selection no Ctrl+N
    • After Release Bugs caused many Large map/AI count games to go unfinished as they had stuck turn bug couldn't complete.
    • Mid-Late Game mop up.
      • The game can be challenging for most at various difficulty levels prior to turn 100, however, increasing this to the next difficulty level may prevent the player from even hitting turn 100.
      • After turn 100 the human player usually knows if they are going to win the game or loose.
      • After turn 200 many games that were challenging at start now is just me cleaning up the galaxy which is boring as nothing new when all AI are 1/10 of your power.
    • Updates...  
      • Updates are good, don't get me wrong but, if I want support I have to start over in the new version or support won't even look at my ticket.
      • If I want the new feature, I need to restart my game didn't finish.

Anyways these are my thoughts on these key points that seem to be catered to and why everyone should look at the whole picture not just a small portion of what the stats may indicate.  Additional thoughts, suggestions welcome...