Should we ask Stardock to postpone Crusade and fix the game we have?

Does anyone else want the game we have to work before we get a new one?

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2016

Having just encountered my umpteenth previously-discovered, still-unresolved glitch in this game, I find myself again reconsidering my commitment Gal Civ 3. It seems everywhere I go in the game I find bugs, 'unintended features,' or lackluster performance. In nearly every case, these problems are known, and have been for some time. I am not a pro gamer, I don't know how much polish is expected of a released game, but I never had this many problems with GC2, or Civ5, or Shogun, certainly not over a year after release.

I love this game, I have a huge investment of time and energy in this game, and given the dependence on crowd-sourcing for additional content, I'd like others to remain invested as well. Gamer support is unquestionably vital to the success of a game and a game company. However, I imagine support drops off rapidly when things don't work the way they are supposed to.

I therefore ask my fellow players for opinions on this question: does it seem to you that Stardock is serving your interests by working on a major expansion for a game that has been accused of working more like a beta than a finished product? Should Stardock concentrate limited resources developing new parts of the game when the old parts still have glaring, fun-killing problems? Or should they hold off and use that time and effort to allow the present game to live up to its full potential?

I am a wary of buying a new car from someone who already sold me one that doesn't work right. Do you consider the game complete enough to warrant another major expansion? I understand that a second expansion is part of the de rigour game company business model now. I am as excited as the next person to find out what is in it, but isn't there a point at which you as a gamer should withdraw your support for a game rather than encourage business practices with which you disagree?

If you feel strongly about this, I would suggest lettering the developers know in a constructive, positive manner. I've seen a lot of disparaging remarks here and on Steam, and I don't think they help anyone. Suggesting a solution and offering support is a lot more helpful than yelling. However, if people are as frustrated as I am, we need to at least try to engage the devs on this.


Is there a point at which you as a gamer will withdraw your support for a game and move on?