Future DLC idea: Love for Synthetic Races

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

As an Elite Founder, I've loved all the DLC that have come down the pike.  Nearly all of them have added something interesting to the game.

However, there is one glaring oversight to many of them:  Namely many of the benefits and penalties don't apply to synthetic races.

Now I know it can be a pain to make things JUST for those little machines out there, which is why I am suggesting a DLC devoted ENTIRELY to synthetic races.


Colonization Events that either only affect synthetic races OR have have different bonuses/penalties for synthetics.  Something along those lines at least.

A new Benevolent/Pragmatic Major Faction to mirror the Malevolent/Pragmatic Yor.  Having a synthetic tech tree that isn't chock full of descriptions about murdering organics might be nice.

Planets that naturally favor Synthetics while still allowing organics to settle there, perhaps at a penalty.  Or at least a bonus to synthetics.

A new faction (with ship style) + colonization events (?) + planet traits seems to be right about the edge of a DLC package.  And making it a DLC means that folks who don't want to play with synthetics don't have to get it, but adding a new faction raises the enticement factor.

Either way, just a suggestion that a DLC to give more play options for synthetic races might be nice.