Need advice on cooling

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2016


I am wondering if anyone can direct me on how to build using proper ventilation. Typically in the past I get a full sized case and just use the fans the case comes with. In my recent build (4 yrs old), it has a side panel fan, a front panel one, and also another in back and one on top. I am using the 212 evo as cooler for my I5 (pretty sure that was the model #). I also have a GTX 970 in there. 

While reading Brads article on his build he mentioned in passing that some folks have too many fans or something to that effect. Is there a rule that you go by?

On my case the big side panel was blowing IN, the front panel was blowing IN while the back and top fans were pulling OUT>  

Recently I have been crashing and I really suspect the CPU is overheating. It is getting up to about 55 to 60 celsius. I have been crashing to desktop and blue screen while playing Star Wars the Old Republic  and once or twice while on GCIII. This post is not really asking for help on the crash although any suggestions or advice is most welcome.

I run Express VPN and sometimes Pandora works, sometimes it says 'You live in Singapore get lost" I wish it would be consistent on working. 

For reference here is my current system:

Asrock Z77 Extreme 6

I5 3570K (over clocked to 4.0)

Coolermaster 212 Evo

Coolermaster HAF 922 case. 

Samsung 850 Evo 512gig (both OS and games here)

EVGA Gforce GTX 970

2x8 gig GSKILL DDR3 2400

Win 7Pro which has been 'upgraded' to Win10 Pro (See Jaffo no issues!)