Newbie question

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016

So the stupid Dregin or whatever their stupid orc name is, were next to me being stupid.  I decided I wanted to end their stupid existence, so I preemptively struck and took 5 of their planets.  During the course of this war, I ran into a very very frustrating problem that I'm wondering if anyone has a work around for.  I systematically wrecked their forward ships and shipyards, however they had something like 30 planets so I couldnt get everything.  Their counterattacks were sending 1-4 ships to go after my weaker fleets, forward moving transports, or sneaking in to retake a planet.  Space is big and they would just fly around my ships visible range and show up behind me or at one of my forward planets/starbases.  Is there anyway to get a larger sight radius or to see where the heck these fleets are coming from?