Please stop the program from changing the names of ships when they upgrade. This is very frustrating...

And another idea

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2016

General Pants in back!


I would really like to see the game altered so that ship names do not change when the ship upgrades. Perhaps this could be a setting under Options?


I would also love to see an option to pop out a prompt at the beginning of your turn asking you to name new ships, so that you don't have to a) hear about your "first capital ship, the H.M.S. Small Stinger MKXv1 475638292..." and have to hunt down each new ship to rename it from that silly name. That would please me greatly.


Finally, it would be nice to have a warning box when you try to name a ship, colony, star, starbase, or shipyard with a designation that you have already used, and/or if it still in use.


Thank you for your time!