Bug: Strategic combat animations take too long (>60 seconds)

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Sometimes when I attack, the animation takes >60 seconds.  When this happens, I am not able to do anything with the attacking fleet or initiate another attack with a different fleet until the problem resolves.


  • I play zoomed out just enough that everything is an icon
  • Sometimes, I can see a projectile fly past the target and off to the distance
  • Moving the view away to a different part of the galaxy does not seem to reduce the delay
  • Switching to the Research screen does not seem to reduce the delay
  • Currently, I'm playing as Snathi, so the scavanging dialog appears after the delay.  I also saw this during the United Earth campaign, so I don't think it's specific to scavangers.
  • I'm using large fleets of 6 carriers (each with 4 interceptors)

Do your engineers accept heap dumps?  I find those to be pretty useful for bugs that aren't quite deterministic.