What is supposed to happen when ships with "one of" components are upgraded

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First off, I love the new components added in with 1.85 and the DLC. As my question asks though what is supposed to happen when I upgrade a ship with a precursor component? I had a beefed up survey ship with the precursor sensor that gives 54 power as well as the engine component and when I upgraded it I lost all the components, they show up in the ship designer but when i try to install them on another ship I get the message that says they can only be used on one ship. 

Is this the expected behavior? I would have liked to be able to keep recycling them into more and more powerful ships as my tech advances but if this is the expected behavior I guess I will have to reserve their use for the later part of the game when huge hulls have been researched.