1.81 Update (Released 7/26)

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We've been working on some new improvements to the AI and UI to improve the game experience as well as squishing bugs.  Read below for the latest changes.


Increased AI Aggression 
Ai is more likely to engage you multiple times in a single turn.  

New notification UI
We've updated notification system to make it more useful and informative.  Notifications messages now appear as scrolling list on the left-hand side of the screen. Notifications can be filtered based on priority or disabled off in the game options menu.

Better load times  
Starting a new game is significantly faster.  


  • Improved level loading time
  • Updated notification system.  Notifications now appear on the left-hand side of the screen rather than the tab on the right.  Notifications can be filtered based on priority or turned off in the game options menu.
  • Ai is more likely to engage you multiple times in a single turn.  
  • Fixed occasionally blank battle prediction text on the Battle Preview window.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Malevolent "Eager" traits bonus from show up in tooltips.
  • Make the "Can not afford" and "Can afford" colors on tier 1 mercenaries more distinct.
  • Replaced "Tariff Stations" tech specialization with "Trade Tariffs" in all tech trees. 
  • Fixed issue preventing Assault Carriers from using High Capacity Carrier Modula.
  • Fixing a case where sometimes a player is blocked from attacking an asteroid it had previously attacked and blown up.
  • Added collapse and expand buttons to each header in the campaigns/scenarios list, to allow collapse scenarios for that campaign.  This will allow us to add more campaigns in the future.
  • Built units now start with full movement points.
  • Mining colonies being attacked or culture flipped now give an alert instead of displaying the battle confirmation dialog.
  • The rebellion status of a planet is now properly cleared upon successful invasion
  • Fixed a save crash in multiplayer.  
  • Fixed several bugs that would make the audio stop playing in mid-game.
  • Fixed a rare infinite loop while looking for patrol tile when the ship has no battle rating power. 
  • Fixed an infinite tooltip loop.  
  • Custom maps now properly randomize anomalies if the option is checked.
  • Added "Planets Annexed" to match reports
  • "Random" opponents can be assigned to teams.  
  • Ship descriptions now remove multiple spaces 
  • The email address entry field now gets keyboard focus when the Registration dialog is opened.
  • Updated the Mercenary ship "The Wraith" to make it clear it gives a fleet-wide buff to repair.
  • Updated Mercenary ship "The Willow" to have a Jamming of 75% from 50% to match its description. Also changed the tooltip from Evasion to Jamming.