New faction, techtreem homeworld, factiontext, planet dispersal style, etc

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It;s likely compatible with most mods & workshop content.  unfortunately it went wayyyy beyond what the  workshop is capable of doing now/likely any time soon.   It might seem like a few things just sorta trail off halfway (at least to me), that's mainly because I was a b9t deflated when I discovered that my intended campaign creation plans hit a wall of discovery that there's no way to do that currently


- Syntheticlife ability had the popcapoyor raised from 15 to 20 & it was given a baked in goodsandservices (morale) bonus because morale is based on biologic population densities]. in the past it was relatively common to see planets below pq10 all the way down to minhabitable, but somewhere along the line that got changed and it's uncommon to see anything below pq10.things are made worse by the fact that the only planet/natural improvement that affects it is precursor worlds nuking it by the same % as food
- Planet qualities and densities were adjusted to give somewhat more poor/average planets & less great/incredible ones. this was made up for by also giving less dead worlds making 2-3 planet systems more common & actually existing.
- Extreme world colonization moved to age of excpansion from age of war & had its cost reduced from 128 to 25 because as long as adaptable is chosen, it does absoloutely nothing since you already have that. no other racial ability is simply a tech that also fporces you to research it. the cost reduction was
- terraforming has had its cost raised by the amount removed from extremeworld colonization

- Synthetic races start with a different colony module.. it's MUCH more expensive than the base one (27>140), has a higher population capacity (3>6), and constructs additional colonists when colonizing resulting in a colony able to function at some costs elsewhere.

- all of the labor & resources the synthetic Yor save by not needing to farm, eat, or procreate by biological means has been applied to things they do care about. The base Yor are now copied as Yor.True & have:
* productive1
* clever1
* economical1
* +Fertile4
* +Handy1
* -dense2
* +dense1
* +Militant1
* Traders4
* +Farmers4
- the base yor also now start with 18 pop instead of the absurd 10 they used to get even when their cap was simply 15

- The base Yor tech tree's text has been updated to add increased flavor as well as the occasional bit of a textualized gestalt language that would include raw data along with words.
* Yor Gestalt is based loosely on a language like objective python where you have function.subfunction.evenMoreDefinedFunction.soOn.andSoForth where each of those would include a definition, context, etc.
** This causes some of the tech briefings to overflow beyond the screen. I considered changing this, but the effect seemed to work well to spotlight their adaptation to aural linguistic language being an awkward one... plus it would have been a pain
* I chose not to include any distinction for plural/singular in it for two reasons. 1. it stands to reason that it would normally be passed to the functio itself when expressed in communication. 2. there are a number of languages on earth that do just that (i.e. japanese lacks singular/plural noun versions but has a bunch of suffixes for adjectives based on traits like shape of adjectives and such).

- The Planetary specialization techs (accelerated reproduction, enhanced reproduction, mining speciaslization are just techs that lead to each other instead of a fklat choice because they are so incredibly important to synthetics that I regularkly found myself wauiting around for the ais to research one or more before picking one so I could get two.

- the Yor.outreach have a new starting system consisting of rogue planets & starS in a gravitational cluster
* Rogue Alpha class3 desert homeworld
* Rogue Beta class4 desert world
* Rogue Delta class 3 desert world
* Rogue Gamma, class 6 desert homeworld
* Rogue Epsilon unusable class0 gas giant7
- it's currently impossible to start with multiple colonized planets without causing other problems ( Yor outreach start with 10pop on rogue alpha & 3 colony ships to complete their system immediately.