assembly vrs growth & planets...

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2016

I have a custom race with desert worlds in their starting system (+50% social mfg), productive1 (+20%), & was doing some testing of stuff where I added the +2 morale bonus of content1 to the syntheticlife ability to keep them from needing a ton of morale boosting stuff by the time they get close to nonsynthetic food based population caps.  I used modcult & the benevolent +tech point granting things to get the +1 raw production enhanced production tech on turn one & noticed something on turn3 after thesurvey ship unlocked fast production  before anything could be completed... my homeworld guving +5 morale && +5 raw production gets an approval bonus of 10.9% on top of the existing bonuses:

  • +5 raw production: homeworld
  • +50% social mfg: desert planet
  • 12 population: +12 raw production(?)
  • +20% mfg: (productive1)
  • +1 raw production: enhanced production tech
  • an econ ring sb for +5% raw production
      • total: loooots for a fledgling world


  • manufacturing yor (a first tier yor factory) takes 4 turns 
  • assembly grants +2 pop  & takes 13 turns
  • fast assembly takes 23 turns for +4 pop
  • finishing a mfg yor on a +2 mfg hex drops it to 11 & 19 turns with the planet govern screen showing 26.7 raw production

Just adding a hospital atop the growth enhanced production equivalent tech for a biologic race jumps growth by a good bit & do so on every one of their worlds free while improvements are being built faster and faster from the +pop.


the fact that such an incredible start for a syntheticlife's planet is behind a biologic's growth is not a problem on it's own, but a lot of other prtoblems vcompound to magnify it into one a prime example would be the early crippling Lep penalty avoiding solution of raising planet quality across the board& reducing the  number of habitable planets possible per system from 3/2 depriving syntheticlife races a chance to shine with their ability to pop 15mil pop on a hypothetical class0-1 habitable world (I've done it & it works well when sharing a system with a real word+mfg starbases, doubly so during colonization) while effectively coming close to giving almost the same popcap to non-syntheticlife on most worlds.  the occasional poor class8 world is more than made up for by the sudden abundance of class 13-15+ worlds.  to add insult to the injury, the only thing that affects syntheticpopcap not in/unlocked for building by techdefs is theprecursor worlds that are almost always well above PQ10 take the same -50% popcapyor as they do food turning a planet that should be incredible for syntheticlife with +production to get it rolling immediately without sending several colony modules into something that is almost always going to be way above 7.5 food to match the 7.5 popcapyor before any improvements are built.