Custom tech tree?

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2016

Heya folks!


I've started to build my own maps and creating my own race and now I'm fiddling around to optimize. My questions to that:


Can I create a custom tech tree that can be added to my custom race? (and if yes, how)

Can I trade unique technology with other races that have tech that is not in my tech tree?


The issue is: I want to build the best ships possible in the game and thus want to have access to all military like technologies that might boost my ship stats. I would be finde with some drawbacks, but in general I want to play a race that builds "the best of the best". So I've looked into several tech trees and found, that the Thalan and the Krynn have both technologies I'm interested in and might want to get them.


Another question is about the AI - it seems to research always the same tech and often it doesn't make much sense (I mean, who seriously takes cheaper weapons over more powerful ones? ALL the time?) Can I change that (somehow?)