Why are my worlds so undeveloped?

Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

So i played my first game with the latest updates.

I thought i would try tech trading and brokering off because i heard its good even though i never went well with that in the past.

Then during the game everything went very well, and i had managed to get quite a few survey ships early on and found an exceptional number of instant tech anomalies (I was careful to switch to an expensive tech each time before surveying).

I noticed the Drengin had very powerful fleets but i was not worried since i had already researched large hulls and drone carriers.

Now everything seems to be happening pretty fast, only just started building up economic starbases, and one AI surrendered to me after the Drengin attacked them. I got a few of their worlds... i was shocked... they were seriously ahead of my worlds in development? Then shortly after the Drengin declared war on me, so i developed some nice ships to counter. I went to the shipyard to build.... how long?? your joking!!!! i quit the game. Why all my worlds want to be so slow developing and building??

Oh yea, it was normal before that science worlds wont develop for shxt. I am still rush buying on my main science worlds even towards the end of a game, its exhausting, but other worlds can usually develop ok. Seems that all my worlds are behaving like science worlds in this particular game?? lol