More Fun with the Ship Designer

Posted on Monday, July 4, 2016

This is not a ship, not even by my very very loose definitions of "ship".    So, I didn't want to put in the ship design thread.   It is a visualization demo of the math concept of permutations.  I have seen this visualization in a couple of different formats, but I am pretty happy with what the Ship Designer and I came up with.  I pride myself on creating animations with long loop times.  This one seems to be 6 1/2 minutes from single petal to single petal.  I have a variant in progress that adds a second axis of rotation, but that is really math geeky.  Does anyone else do strange stuff with the ship designer just to see what happens?  


It is posted on the Workshop under the name "Daisy".


It's not fireworks, but happy 4th of July to all the USA people here.  Now, I get to go to our local fireworks.  Enjoy!