Super low priority [Bug?] StartingColonyPopulation * instead of / when starsystemdefs.xml has >1 <IsHomeWorld>True planet set.

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'm working on a mod & new race where part involves creating a new starting system (thanks to excellent guide on making systems here). If a faction is given multiple planets with <IsHomeworld>true</IsHomeworld> in StarSystemDefs.xml, their starting population (ie 10 or whatever FactionDefs.xml defines) is mirrored on each IsHomeworld planet rather than somehow divided among them leading to truly awful balance results.  this could be dealt with for that new faction just by giving them a StartingColonyPopulation equal to the DesiredNumber / NumIsHomeworld planets, but it would be horrifically overpowered if any other race starting with 10 pop custom selected that system.  In addition a IsColonizedworld to make it colonized but not spawning a +5 raw production colony capital would be right up there with unicorns & pixie dust.


It's super low priority, but ideally some future update could set it so StartingColonyPopulation gets divided by the number of planets set to IsHomeworld in the starting system


easiest way to reproduce:

  • Open StarSystemDefs.xml
  • jump to line ~261(?) where it reads: "<InternalName>KrysethSystem</InternalName>" 
  • add "<IsHomeworld>true</IsHomeworld>"  to PlanetKrysethAlpha & PlanetKrysethBeta on a line between </BodyDef> & </Body>
  • Start a game as the krynn to your three civ capitols & 30 mil pop on turn1 out of the gate
  • the above applies to any race/starting system it just makes it easiest to see with the Kryseth system's 3 habitable worlds