What's your favorite tech tree? [v1.8]

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2016


a quick search hasn't turned up something like this. So I am curious, what are your favorite tech trees and why? I'll go ahead and give a few assessments of my own:


The Thalan techtree just kind of has everything I want. A very convenient tech branch (early hyperion->cloisters), production improvements that boost newly founded colonies where it matters, and the various techs that boost the Thalan ships. (Though I have to admit, I love the Iconian fleet techs, too)


I think the Torian and Arcean tech trees are very interesting, with very bold components such as singularity pp in age of war for the arceans or the bad tech branch (no capital, late cloisters) of the Torians which seems designed to to be played with a population focus (better farms and moral buildings that give adjacency to everything).

Interesting but lacking:

The Snathi tech tree is even more bold then the Arcean and Torian ones, but the lack of targetting scanners leaves it too wide open to jamming stacks. This is fine against the AI which neither reacts with jamming or targetting, but for multiplayer the Snathi would be a no go for me because of this.