Space Battle Tactics

What if we added tactics to space battles???

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello people!  I've been playing this game for just under a month now, and have to say I love it so far.  One of the coolest things is watching the ships you made in combat, but I have to admit that the coolness of the space battles does wear thin after a while.  

To solve this I was struck with an idea!  What if you added tactics for your fleets to use in space battles (in a similar way as strategies for planetary invasions I suppose).  Basically; before a battle each side chooses a tactic to govern how their ships will behave in combat.  You could choose agressive tactics like blitz inorder to storm the enemy's formation, Defensive ones to play more conservatively and protect high value ships, Flanking inorder to maneuver around and encircle the enemy, etc.  There are many possibilities, maybe you could even design your own custom tactics to use.

Anyway, that's my idea.  I think it would help spice up space battles a bit.  Lemme know what you think; like it or hate it.