[WIP]Leader gfx project - updated Feb 25, 2017

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm working on a couple of leader gfx. Pls. see the preview pic for some examples.


I plan to create more, but it's not that fast, so don't expect lotsa new gfx each week. But I guess I'll be playing GC III for longer so...

edit: updated May 20 2019 - includes citizens


The easiest use is to copy the files into the corresponding folders in ../my documents/my games/GalCiv3. This will enable the pics to be used in-game when editing custom races. Alternatively the filenames of those pics can be edited into custom xml files manually.


Modders can use those as they wish (for example to include them in own releases), provided it remains non-profit use and credit is given.