Fix the Treasury!!!! NOW!!!!

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hello developers!

I`ve bee playing a Gal Civ 3 since release date, it is incredible game i have to say. Guys, if you creating a game of with mostly no limits, WHY I HAVE TO SUFFER OF 999999 Treasury???????? It is not even a million!!!!!!! How do you want me to run a GALAXY with such of limited  amount of funds. PAY ATTENTION, that Galactic Civilizations 2 had NO MONEY LIMIT (I had a billions of credits colored with green). I am loosing a thousands of credits each turn, that not transfer to my treasury!!!!

Seriously, there are no strategy games i know, that has such a "not funny" money limit. You cannot even imagine how i was surprised and disappointed, when i faced this PROBLEM.

Moreover, I spent 99$ for this game. I do not want to see a limit of 999999 in treasury. Please, fix it ASAP!!!!!!

Also, would you be so kind to get "Shutdown" button back to Shipyards. Can you imagine your washing machine had no Shutdown button????

And one more thing about ship upgrading menu... it is cool, simple, but it will be nice if i could see a total amount of money i have to spend for upgrade for all ships i chose, but not for one only. IMPORTANT

I would like to thank you for that titanic job you do, I wish you success and great luck with that.

Kind regards,