[Tool] [WIP] Crusade Tech Tree Viewer (05/05/2018 Latest version - Discontinued / Superseded

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2016


Small fix for missing Stat text and Ability text.


Fix CTD when editing stats for Crusade, missing schema file.


Fix for version 2.5 opt-in (Base and Crusade)


Hotfix Version

Fixes 'cannot find file' when loading.

After recent update some core files names have changed.

New version

Fixed missing stat text.
Fixed race preclusions not filtering correctly.
Fixed race trait prerequ's not filtering on race type.
Fixed stat editor now selects correct XSD file.
Fixed missing specialization techs. Thanks to Wider93 for spotting.
Fixed precursor components appearing on multiple techs.
Fixed race ability overlay not drawn after undo.
Fixed duplicate mining resources on mods.
Added Crusade unique stats to mouse over.
Added missing abilities, Discreet, Experienced, Scavengers.
Added add new ability and preclusion to edit tech.
Added preclusion marker to tech (white dot)
Added preclusion list to tech mouse over.

Should now display mods correctly. (Tested on Horemvores GST mod).




Uploaded new video, includes stat editor.  version



Small update available. Just bug fixes.

N.B. This is the main executable only. You will need version installed first.

Fixed CTD with missing text on mouse over.

Fixed Text description edit Undo not updating main window.

Added setup option to swap text editor parameters (some editors require filename before args.)

Added extra error trapping, debug logging.


Hot fix Available on nexus.

Fixes - pasting duplicate tech not saving correctly.

Includes new app icon courtesy of Horemvore. 


Latest Version

Fixed: CTD when removing specialization if Draw Tech icons selected.
Fixed Async busy CTD.
Fixed Bug pasting tech to higher tech age.
Fixed Paste tech not renaming all tech nodes.

Added workaround for misspelt 'GaurdianFighters' Stat.
Added Scroll with arrow keys.
Added Drag and drop support for moving Techs around.
Added unsaved warnings.
Added can view core files in editor (double click) with warning. 

Improved XMl parsing. Takes longer on first load, all static XML files are parsed and cached.
Selecting Tech Trees with stat icons enabled is now much faster, 10X faster on my PC.

Reworked Stat Editor.
You can now add or remove stats. Select from drop down menus.


Video from version  N.B version released with additional Stat editor features..


File watcher not updating after changing mod location.
Special techs sometimes drawing in wrong colour.
Copy, Paste. Can copy and paste across different trees.
Remove specialization techs. By group, category or all.
Turn off file monitoring.
Separate save states for modded, core trees.
Remembers last used tree. 



Hot Fix for  Fixes category button lock-out bug after editing.


Move Tech not adding all prerequ\options when moving to a specialization tech.
Double click stat icon not going to correct xml line if similar named stat exists.
Category buttons have correct names.
Stat mouse over ***
Mod support for other languages. Doesn't presume English\Text folder. Tool still in English.
Edit Mode to prevent unwanted edits if using as a viewer only.
Drag and Drop support for moving Techs around, still needs work.
Prompt to reload file if it has been externally modified by text editor.
Prompt to copy xml file to mod folder when attempting to edit a core file.
Rewrote logic for checking editing of core files.

Some minor UI Gfx tweaks.

***Not all stats are in the same order as in game.

Hovering over hull stats will display all the stats not just 2 as in game.


New images over at nexus.

As a Tech Tree Viewer, I think it is pretty much feature complete.

The Editing side still needs work, I plan to update the Stat Editor next release.





Change log.

Reverted edit windows to  be non UI blocking.

On first time use points to example mod, creates it if it doesn't exist.



Checks to prevent certain functions while editing. 

Specialization expander techs stay open after updating via edit.

Multi undo to text edit. To be consistent with other undo's.

More keyboard shortcuts. 

Auto generated Generic name when adding new tech. Can be manually changed.

Checks for duplicate Generic name.

Tech selection mode. Toggle tech either coloured or grey. (in game researched not researched).

Save/Load tech selection state.

Shift Click tech to select, only useful on Specialization expander techs.

Ctrl click tech to toggle selection mode. (User requested feature)

Save (ctrl S) saves tech selection state as well as any edits to tree.



Repeating 'cannot find file' on load. 

Add new tech creating unnecessary nodes.

Move tech not updating all 'prerequ\option\' nodes.


Brief instructions for new features.
Left click a tech to select it. Selected tech will flash.
Right click and select and option or use short cut key

New options available are:-

Add new tech - creates a new tech based on the selected tech, you will be prompted for a new generic name for the tech or use the auto generated name. Checks are made to ensure the name is unique.
Adds an entry to the relevant TechDefsText.xml file.

Delete Tech - Deletes the currently selected tech. All connected techs will be re-connected to the proceeding tech.
Grouped Specialization techs will all be deleted unless you individually select them.

Undo- Each time you add, delete or move a tech, it will be added to the undo list. The number of undo's will be shown in brackets.

Short cut keys - Del key = Delete, CTRL - S = Save, CTRL -Z = Undo. F5 - reload tree from file.

CTRL - W = Edit stats, CTRL - E = Edit description, CTRL M = Move tech, CTRL T or CTRL Click = Toggle tech state.


Features in progress, not released.

Add stats to existing tech.

Remove stats from tech.

Select improvement, module etc from list and drag to tech tree to link it to a tech.

List improvement, modules etc. to see chained techs and highlight any orphaned techs.


Latest images taken from Horemvores excellent GST mod.


Updated mouse over, custom tool tip similar to in game with stat icons.