This may slow down planetary production.

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016

I finally found a game like galactic civilizations for the kindle fire. I could use some suggestions. It's called escape... It did do something to slow down production. Some people didn't like the economic wall in galactic civilizations 2 cause it gave you nothing to for several turns. The large empire penalty is why am I being penalized for being large. No one liked the environmental protection act. The large empire penalty is saying all big empires is the soviet union, or China, and there is no Canada, or the united states. A better solution that would work better on large maps is requiring resources to build stuff. We have them in space that require star bases, and resources on planets. We would need to change to a certain amount tper turn instead on one. These resources are tradable. I know the game had only one fleet, and colonies were different. The game had a dozen resources.  Galactic civilizations already have resources in space, and on planets, and have building to exploit these resources. The more you researched them. The better they would be.In the game the initial colony produced some of each resource. Constructors probably not require resources unless all colonies produced a little of each resource. The resource on the planet would produce a little bit of resources. Added buildings would help you produce more otherwise the game wouldn't work because you couldn't produce the stuff you needed to produce stuff.

The requirement were to stiff, but this could be cut down for galactic civilizations. This could Also be applied to ships like in the game. Because of scale, and size of maps the requirement would have to be less because depending on maps, and the setup of colonization you would need more resources. The resources would have to give amounts per turn. If done properly it would slow down ship building, and colonizing without feeling like you added something that dont make sense. This could be added to exploration events, and anomalies. Different buildings and ships would require different resources.

On a different note I would like to be able to right click a starbase , or ship yard, and see it's area of influence instead of counting squares after it's build.

It would be nice to right click a planet. To build stuff control governors instead of having to go into them each time.

Global planetary options, so I don't have to set them each time I colonise a planet. I would still need local options I need them both.

Quests from ai players. These would have to be random to fit this kind of game. These quests would need rewards. Possibly connect it to their ideologies. Not just asking for mony, but actually doing stuff. The locations could randomly selected, so it would work in sandbox.

Being able to upgrade a building instead of having to destroy it every time I have to build something else instead. Is. Changing a factory into a power matrix, or duranthium refinery.