MOD New Battle Behaviors (Crusade Opt-in 5/22)

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016

[Edited for 2.14 5/12/17]

I hate exploits and love flavor.  I don't like how stacking defenses on Escorts and weapons on Capitals works the battle system.  I also don't like how the stacking of % reductions to weapon cooldowns ends up boosting missiles' rate of fire by 1900% with the right techs/parts.

I've altered the XMLs in the hopes of making it significantly less exploitable.

Vanilla ship leveling is boring.  I changed that, too.

The Mod is in the external link above.  Copy the Game file to Documents/My Games/ GC3Crusade and enable mods in your game options to add this.


With this mod:

  • Interceptors will now intercept.  They defend Assault, Support, and Starbases.
  • Attack and defense priorities were redefined for all ship types.
  • Guardians will behave as I would expect orbital and starbase defenders to act.
  • Support ships will actively engage in hostilities but start much further back than previously.
  • Starbases will begin the battle much closer to the front.  I mean for them to participate in the engagement with their defenders rather than separately.  I may not have the setting quite right yet.  (feedback please)
  • Hulls Tiny/ Small/ Medium/ Large/ Huge/ and Support respectively have been modified to:
Base Movement    [Edited 11/30/16] 2.5/ 1.5/ 1/ -0.5 /-1/ 0
Tactical Speed   +0.3/ +0.1/ +0/ -0.1/ -0.3/ -0.5
Acceleration   +0.5/ +0.2/ +0/ -0.2/ -0.5/ -0.5
Jamming/Evasion added [Edited 5/12/17] +0.25/ +0.1/ 0/ -0.2/ -0.3/ -0.5
(Added 2.0)  All weapon cooldown stat modifiers changed to flat from multiplicative with approximately twice their former values.  This makes the net effect of any one bonus the same without stacked cooldown effect getting absurd.  EX: -95% missile cooldown from a base of 4 was possible, with this -2 from the base 4 is possible.
(Added 2.0)  Ship levels now grant small bonuses to Accuracy, Jamming (Dodge), MovesCap, Experience value, Weapon Attacks, and Defenses.  These changes are not uniform.  Tiny hulls gain greater evasion and movement while gaining no defensive bonuses, Small hulls gain greater Accuracy than others, and Hit Point, Weapon Damage, and Defenses scale up by greater percentages for larger hull types.
(Added 2.14) 
  • Adopted adjusted Logistics costs of 2.14
  • Exceeded tweaks to ship hull manufacturing costs.  This MOD is now (small to huge) 5/ 20/ 50/ 150/ 500, cargo unchanged
  • Upped all ships' Defense range to 500 for kicks (not expected to make any difference whatsoever)
  • reduced evasion of tiny hulls 0.3 to 0.25, increased evasion of huge hulls -0.4 to -0.3
In forthcoming updates to this mod I intend to:
  • Add ship stat bonuses and penalties to battle roles.  (If I can find a way.) (Edit: not supported by enums and XSD, Community Modding Wishlist noted)
  • Limit Interceptor to Tiny, Assault to Tiny/Small, Escort to Small/Medium, Guardian to Small/Large, and Capital to Medium/Large/Huge. (If I can find a way) (Edit: not supported by enums and XSD, Community Modding Wishlist noted)
  • Strengthen core ship blueprints.
  • Alter drone blueprints and tweak the modules, components, techs, etc. dealing with them so that my changes won't be imbalanced.
  • (added with 2.0 edit) Would like to modify Military Starbases, but I need a trigger that lets its dronescaps initiate battles with enemy ships entering the base's AOE.
  • Maybe more.