Steam Forum Get's More Love Than Here?

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I hadn't noticed this until today as I rarely check the Steam forums as many of those forum posts aren't as dedicated to the game as forum readers here on the official website.  However, after checking this I see there is this post...

1.7 Hotpatch #1 

Which has no mention here in the official forums?

also the roadmap post 

Has additional information and goes further out than the one here?  Not because of replies but, actually in the core post itself?

So why is Stardock neglecting us core fans of the game and their own website?

I can guess at an answer as one of two possibilities.  First more players see the Steam forums and don't bother to ever go to the official website.  Two Stardock forgets to update/post in both places.

Either way I was kind of disappointed when I saw this, especially being that I expect the core news to be on the official page first and Steam second which is one of the reasons I stay away from the Steam forums.  That and people there (as a whole) aren't as invested in the game or, truly try to supply positive feedback as they do here.

Thank you for taking notice.