Support reply is a joke...

Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hi guys.

I received this joke from your support team after supplying a save file and instructions for recreating a pretty common bug in the game since 1.7 beta started which wasn't fixed in the second wave. If you want to have someone sensible look at it, please do, but for the love of humanity please use proper support practices and don't just tell people to go f themselves with a standard 'have you read this thing about general troubleshooting'... no and I don't care to. The game worked fine, 1.7 broke it... bug is easy to replicate and I sent you a save file. You want to fix it, fine, you don't care less, just say 'we don't care less'. Don't send out some dumb link.





Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have in the past (it has since changed), please review the following knowledgebase article below:

If your issues are not addressed by following it, please include the information and data requested in it and reply to this ticket with it included. Additionally, if you've previously downloaded the SupportTool, please be sure to download the latest version from the article above, as it may have been updated.

Thank you.

Alan C***
Stardock Support Specialist

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