Suggestion: Make Precursor Anomaly strategic map icons a different color

Plus a more involved suggestion re PAs

Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2016

When I get to the point where I can design a feisty survey ship, I build a few and aim them at the 'heavily defended' anomalies. But picking them out of the swarm of regulars is time-consuming, and not in the "players should play the game, not watch automation" way.

And on a related note, that little goody-hut feature could use more dev love at some point. It would be swell if the defence levels had some linkage between value of the goodies and amount of defense, with a goal being to have some on the map until late in the game when we can build really tough ships with room for a survey module.

Even more fun would be if a few of them grew in both value and defence strength, make the decision about when to try for them more complex.