Feedback on 1.7

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey all!

First of all- Good job on 1.7 patch- a long waited jewel indeed.

As some of you know, Im one of those insane map lovers! Whenever Stardock releases a new patch or dlc- I hook up insane map and see how far have we got!
These are my findings:


* Less micro on starbases! It really saves time.
* AI is more smarter, surely but steadily it gets smarter by each patch(not there yet)


* Precursor World bug! ->On Insane maps you have tons of planets. If you set abundance on events- eventually you run out of ideology events(!) Then for some time every planet you colonize you get Precursor Ideology event for regular planets. Of course you run out of those too. And then there's silence for some time. After some time you get mix of Ideology, Precursor and silence events. ///This bug has not been fixed from previous versions.

* Syipyard quick launch filter! Yep- Paul admitted on stream he just forgot about them. Though on Insane its the best tool out there.


* Syipyard auto reset Bug! It will be addressed- confirmed on stream. If you research a new tech that gives new constructor generation all shipyards will reset to basic constructor instead of using your latest design.

* Shipyard constructor logic bug! Might have to do something with above bug. Sometimes you get constructor overflow to a given starbase and they just stack there until you get an error message about overflow. It could also be when you unlock Pragmatic "Efficient" trait that gives each constructor +1 point. This leads to starbase logic error- kinda annoying on Insane map- as you have to baby each problem out.


* Starbase module list of DOOM. Its quite frank. When you build a new starbase you have the list of doom of ALL possible modules. click click click them all. It should be so you click on first module as all other upgrades are handled by starbase automatization anyhow. It would be better that starbases only show core modules not all modules.

* Constructor Design! Not a bug but listed here. In starbase auto you can use 2 constructor designs. The basic ones and your power design. Why not have a 3ed option "Use latest design" as when you unlock a new generation of constructors it will auto use them. Saves time bigtime.

* Survey ships Stupid! Still stupid- still chasing the same old relic. If you have 3 survey ships together they will chase the one relic in front of them. They should go to different relics but no- still chasing the same old goose. Whats worse- In late game they pile up in a big GOO of multiple survey ships and yep- still go for the same relic or anomaly. Funny though but I want to cry.


* Precursor Anomaly Avoidance. Survey ships are avoiding Heavily Defended anomalies. Its ok in early game or mid game BUT in late game i have a Survey ship with a Bad ASS Doom ray and it still is afraid of that anomaly. come on- It can rip all the ships in there. This should be fixed as if the survey ship is powerful or with a gun- it will survey that anomaly. I do not want to baby these anomalies by hand as there are sooo many of them. Currently All of them are ignored by player as there are other priorities.


* Ram Spike. This one is huge. First time i Played Insane - And i have 16GB RAM. when you clicked "turn" The RAM got filled up and i got a windows error warning of no available ram. It happened during turn cycle where the game thinks. Reloading the game fixed this but still the spikes happen. Those spikes can hit the ceiling real hard even if normally the game is using about 4 to 6 Gb ram.


* Stupid Wealth Governor. Still stupid. Even if you set it for it to allow terraform tiles as it wishes he cant distinguish "shopping center" from "Bank". Still builds stupid malls and centers instead of Banks and galactic exchanges.  This needs fixing. If i have the technology I want the best paying building not a low paying shopping mall.


* Governor logic missing. Those special buildings of research/ industry/ economic capital. You build them by hand. The Governor should know on which planet to build it. I mean If you have 30 Research governors- they should see a poll of 30 planets- its not hard for AI to find the best planet to build a research capital. Even if you add a 31th planet to the poll it should recalculate and replace that research capital on the new planet. So Logic governer algorithm for special buildings is missing. I know that this was left out so player would choose it but If you are playing Insane map and for the 30th try in row- I mean you really dont care. Give us the option to AI to make that decision.


* Idle colony bug takeover. Happened 1x but it was during "Turn" cycle where i annexed one planet. The turn did not finish but that annexation was in loop.


* Extreme long time tech research. Still not fixed from previous versions. Sometimes in late game research points overflow and you get 1 tech that needs like 1000 turns to finish. Workaround is to choose a different tech which you can research normally but yeah- the problem is still here.


* Hotkeys! Hotkeys for starbase navigation, for movement for orders- you name it. Still not here but such a must.

* Sorting Planets options! From Stream Paul promised to have something for us(finally). You know we have regular sorting stuff but we ar emissing like idle and working planets and stuff like that across board.

* Starbase auto design update. If you are building a ship or a constructor say its M1. When you unlock M2 it should auto update in shipyard- both for military ships and constructors. It may not make sense in early game but in late game you can unlock a new tech every turn. By the time the shipyard builds M1 I already have M20 unlocked. The logic algorithm is missing here- need one!


* Shipyard auto Idle function! MUST HAVE!!! This is a requested feature by the community. If shipyard runs out of build que it SHOULD auto idle until requested bu starbase or user input. I dont want to shut them down each one of them. Try doing that on insane map for 50 to 80 shipyards. Its Total Madness!!! And if you shut down a shipyard the starbase auto system also brakes down as it tries to get those constructors from somewhere else.


* Planet template. You know a template where you que your 5 buildings that should be built when you colonize your 24th planet each time. Doing by hand is tedious. Sure you can use a governer but that takes away player input when you need it.(strategic planet by warring empire boarder for example)


* Insane map optimizations! There are some but it still slows down quite considerably starting from mid game and clicking starbases, planets starts to get huge response delays. Dont know whats causing it but i think the way the engine distributes threads(my hunch). Its realy annoying. Eventually the game spins down- turns take like 5 min and the game crashes to desktop. Even if you have free ram to spare- so its engine related.


In short Thats all i found- Good job and keep it coming!
Truly appreciated!