Excellent concept, inacceptably bad programming

Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2016


I have really tried to love this game. The concept and the game design are superb.

But the programming is so incredibly, titanically incompetent beyond description that I cannot stand it any more. The program eating away tons and tons of RAM so as to make the whole PC unsresponsive for minutes. The program eating resources even when it has been exited (but the process is still in the task list and eating RAM almost half an hour later). Crashes. Cheating AI (in 2016 - I am writing this at the same time as a non-cheating AI is beating the world's best human go player three times, possibly five times in a row!).

Guys, really. GalCiv 3 boils down to: "Cool ideas, horribly badly executed".

And after ten months of it being out and several patches (we are at version 1.6something, after all), you guys still couldn't fix it. So you never will.

Get yourself better programmers or educate those you have for a few years.