For a balanced game, How many AI players for a given Galaxy size?

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I wish Stardock would give some in-game suggestions or default numbers of AIs for a given galaxy size. Something I think all other 4X games do. I am kind of at a loss when I want to try a new galaxy size.

I don't like it too crowded, I dont like it too desertic either.  I understand this might be a matter of taste but I think most players will most likely seek some kind of natural balance for a standard game. As in everyone has a backyard but also a neighbor. ( if that makes any sense )

I guesstimate maybe 1 -2 AI in small map, 3-4 on medium - 5 - 6 on large but really, i have to try and see.

But anyway, you guys have suggestions? What do you like to use?