[Mod] Hereward's Planet Features Mod - Version 1.0

Posted on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Download from Nexus

Additional planet features and a bug fix.


Additional Planet Features

  • Arable Land: This land is ideal for turning with the plough and sending crops to market.
  • Desert: This lifeless expanse of desert is ideal for a secret military base.
  • Hydrocarbon Deposits: Deposits of fossil hydrocarbons can be found here boosting manufacturing and business.
  • Mountainous: These mountains are ideal for ramblers and hydropower dams.
  • Snowcaps: These snowcapped mountains are perfect for skiing.
  • Toxic Wasteland: There's money in muck and this toxic wasteland is ideal for dirty industry to dump their waste.
  • Volcanic Rift: Tectonic stresses have produced a volcanic rift producing fertile soils nearby.
  • Wetlands: These wetlands are ideal for recreational use with an amazing range of biodiversity.


Bug Fix
Fixed Mineral Rich feature using wrong thumbnail.


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