Starting at different phases of a game

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016

I have already played Galactic civilizations 3 for about 100 hours. Few years ago, also the GC II.
Last time I wanted to play a little game, but I had to build everything from scratch.

And somehow that's the problem. You indeed gives us many options

such as the conditions at the start of the game

and choise of Civilization, but every game still always starts at point zero.

Have you ever thought about offering the choise to start the game in various stages of development.

For example, many people (myself included) don't like the first 2-3 hours of a new map

because the expansion is very fast and pretty annoying.

Here it would help to jump right to say hour 3 of the map,

or if someone wants a great empire after 10 hours,

in which a lot of technologies are already available and one can start the real galactic conquest.

You record the data from the games played so far. that is to say you have enough case studies

as how the game universe looks like in after a certain time.

I am especially only interested in certain phases of the game,

maybe between 40 - 60 % of the game time needed to achieve victory.

I don't need the rest of the map time.

Any ideas to implement it in the future?