1.61 Update Change Log (Release 3/3)

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016

 1.61 Update Change Log (Released 3/3)

We've addressed numerous bugs both with Mercenaries and the base game. In addition, we have made a few tweeks to the Starbase module bonuses.


  • The Starbase Military ring and its two upgrades now give a flat bonus.
  • All other Starbase military modules still give multipliers but at higher values.
  • Reduced the Starbase Range boost given by Military ring by 1.
  • Starbase culture bases and modules now generate more influence per turn
  • Increased the anomaly counts on mid-range settings.


  • Mercenaries
    • Fixed issue with the "The Trireme" not being able to construct a starbase
    • The Derr now gives the proper fleet defense bonus
    • The Caravan description no longer overstates its Fleet Range ability
    • Fixed typos, clarified Mercenary ship descriptions, and clean up some Tech Tree descriptions. 
    • Fix several issues with the -L -P -D versions of assorted ships not being named correctly.
    • Torians can now build research related starbase modules and run the research planetary project.
    • The Arcean Defense module starbase module no longer slows friendly ships. 
    • Campaign: Set it up so Blessing I trigger will be disabled if Blessing II is colonized first.
    • Custom factions with the "amphibious" trait should now get the proper bonuses
  • Ships can no longer eject onto tiles occupied by Asteroids. 
  • Fixed issue with life support and some weapons augments that weren't using the correct manufacturing cost type.
  • Re-enabled multiplayer play for people with mismatched DLC in most cases. However, players with Mercenaries can only play against other Mercenary players.
  • Unforgiving, Eager, and Abundant traits should properly work again.
  • The Altairans can now build the Champion's Temple.
  • The Elerium Defense Shields adjacency bonus now works properly.
  • Fixed crashes on insane maps with 80+ factions.
  • Fixed crash caused by a ship being awarded to a player that had just died or defeated.
  • Creating a custom faction after playing the campaign no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed updated descriptions of the Hyperion improvements.
  • Fixing a problem where the detailed match results were not always been saved properly
  • Fixed an issue where a few of the Altarian ships were using the wrong thumbnails
  • Addressed an issue with the AI Surveying guarded anomalies.
  • Multiplayer: Addressed some desync issues.
  • Ship designer no longer crashes if ship has too many support modules
  • Fixed mismatched values in the starbase sensor modules descriptions.
  • Reduced the mercenary cost inflation rate
  • Fixed a problem with missing colony ships in the Milky Way campaign


  • Mercenaries:
    • Added inverted color swatches for the Arcean and Torians for custom factions
    • Desaturated the Torian Continent gradient some, to make Green hexes more visible.
    • Fixed rounding issue in the display of Mercenary abilities that caused apparent mismatch between the description and its effects
  • Any ship with nebula immunity will not show nebula effects in the tooltip now when in a nebula.
  • Fixed font for nebula effects in the Fleet Tooltip.
  • The Required Resources will no longer double up/break in the ship designer in Medium UI.
  • Increased the available space for the resource number text, in both the main game window and the shipyard window. 
  • The Cancel Upgrade button would get disabled if you upgrade, then canceled, then upgraded again. This is now resolved.
  • Fixed some issues with the relic icons n the resource bar looking bad on medium UI