An easy fix to a common complaint

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One common complaint I have seen through the forums has to do with things like "sensor Stacking" and "engine stacking".

I have even seen a MP game advertised as "no cargo sensor ships"; I dont think anyone believes this type of thing is actually good for the game.


This seems to me to be a relatively straightforward problem to patch. I think it should be possible to just have diminishing returns on sensor boats; each sensor after the first drops dramatically in value (like maybe by half, but always atleast 1), and/or simply declare some maximum sensor range. If its moddable then that should lessen complaints of people who actually like to build one sensor ship for the whole game....


The game feels a lot less realistic to me when I have one little cargo ship with a sensor range of like half the galaxy, and all my fleets running around "blind". 


This seems easy enough to do technically...I have to wonder what the reason is for not doing it.