[Mod] Moar Stars

Posted on Sunday, February 21, 2016



Back in GC II and when GC III first launched, the maps tended to generate many more planets and stars than they do now. The whys and wherefores aren't very important (and they were mostly hashed out in this thread: One of the things that came out of that discussion was a way to revert map generation in GC III to 1.01 (and earlier) behavior. I created a "quick and dirty" mod that restored the game and released it as-is.

Over time, I've been updating it on my home machine and occasionally releasing updates in that thread. Well, after so much time, and recent discussion about lack of stars in GC III in a couple other threads, I thought it was time to release this as a "proper" mod.  Mostly it just meant me creating a barebones README file.

This is a fairly simple mod as only three xmls are being changed. 

There are a couple of cautions, however.

First, this is a replace mod. So it probably will not work well with other mods that change map generation (like naselus' gold standard Insane-Abundant Balance Mod). Bascially any mod that modifies the following files:


Should NOT be used with this one, as there will almost certainly be compatibility problems.

The second caution is that GC III starts to get a little cranky when there are too many planets in a game. The game will run with over a thousand planets belonging to a faction, but there will be display issues. For instance, the side bar that shows all of your planets will cap out as it approaches the 500 planets mark or so. All planets are still accessable via the main planetary window screen (by going to the left or right), however. And, of course, by clicking on a planet in the game window.  There also have been at times performance issues though this seems to have gotten better as the game has matured.

Regardless, maxing out the number of planets and stars on the largest map settings is very much a "use at ones' own risk" situation.

Finally as of 1.6/Mercenaries, the way star systems are generated in-game has changed slightly. Before star systems in StarSystemsDefs.xml were called System00, System01, System02 and so forth. Now in the base game they are callled SystemYellow01, SystemPurple01, SystemRed01 and so forth. I haven't fully investigated the changes from 1.5 to 1.6, but there might be some issues as time goes on. I've been testing Moar Stars internally have had no problems so far. Still, if any issues crop up, they will be resolved then. I also will try to map the old values for star system generation to the new naming system as best I can (there is one extra star system now in the XML) and if it appears to work as before, I will update StarSystemDefs.xml to the current standard in this mod.


To install this mod simply unzip the file and then move the folder Moar Stars into the mod directory of GC III.

This mod will be periodically updated, as required by changes made in GC III.


That's pretty much it.  Enjoy.