[Lore post] Arceans


Posted on Friday, February 19, 2016

G'day Stardock, long time fan and player here.


The mercenaries expansion brought my favourite race back into the game! Yay for the Arceans! I'm quite giddy to start playing as them again but I noticed in the civ flavour text in game that they are now listed as having "A rich history of neutrality".


When did this come about? In Dread Lords they were always a proud warrior race that wasn't particularly good or evil, but riding the middle ground as the galaxies most honourable species. They were happy to conquer when it suited them, but also just as likely to form alliances with the Terrans or who ever else in the face of a common enemy. In essence, they were the most 'pragmatic' of all of the races in GC2, but far from neutral.


Is this an oversight or a deliberate new direction for Lord Vega and his 4m tall brethren?


Cheers, Fate