My Observed Bugs Version 1-1.61

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


First off I appreciate your great support for your games, however, these lagging bugs are still present in the game since prior to release and continue today, with little or no attempt to fix or correct.  I'm posting this to bring attention back to these lagging issues.  Screen shots can be provided but, all of these are easily reproduced.  I apologize as some of these points are duplicated on other posts but, I'm condensing my noticed issues so they are all in one place and to attempt to bring more attention to them.

All Highlighted in Blue I have noticed in the 1.61 build.


  • Crash/Freeze
    • Crashes on Extreme game settings less than 20 hours (rare) [annoying]
    • Crashes on Extreme game settings 20-50 hours (common) [annoying]
    • Crashes on Extreme game settings greater than 50 hours (very common) [annoying]  (random causes even saving game) [not as common in 1.61]
    • Game unable to continue even with reloading game Extreme game settings more than 50 hours (common) [game breaking] Issue has returned in 1.61 (even though original issue was resolved another one has popped up.
  • Planet Issues
    • Unhappy planet flip still shows unhappy icon after planet flipped due to culture.  (very common) [minor]
    • Orbiting fleets don't launch correctly on flipped planets, stay on top of planet.  (very common) [minor]
    • Planets will sometimes show defending fleet (shield) when no fleet orbiting planet and that trait is not selected. (uncommon) [minor]
  • Diplomacy Issues
    • Diplomacy when encouraging war, shows status of factions (10 at war with other factions), however, when clicking on said faction they are not actually at war with factions just are extremely unhappy with them at the brink of war.  This should not reflect at war unless actually at war.  (very common) [frustrating]
    • Diplomacy screen when max players are filling all circles and 1 more faction is discovered there will be an overlap of planet/faction at the bottom of the first row in the diplomacy window with two planets on top of each other.  (very common) [minor]
    • UP screen shows incorrect alignment of all factions when an extreme number of factions in game.  This appears as overlap or squished faction windows in the UP Screen.  (very common) [minor]
    • Free Trade Treaty Issues.
      • Game allows trade every 10 turns this is a 50 turn time frame when traded.  (very common) [exploit]
      • Allows free income/tech/resources every 10 turns and is easy exploit.  (very common) [exploit]
    • Exploration Treaty Issues.
      • Long turn time after several exploration treaties (very common) [game breaking]
      • Choppy ship movement after several exploration treaties (very common) [very frustrating]
    • Trade Resources Issues.
      • Any trade resource the AI sees as 1 item. (very common) [exploit]   
      • Because these are stacked such as Helios Ore, this can be a huge exploit trading one item for 10 Helios ore isn't fair.  [very common) [exploit]
    • Trade Screen Options Disappear.
  • Technology Issues
    • Some technologies are in all lower case letters versus having the first letter upper case 1 specific and has been posted in past [minor]
  • Multiplayer Issues
    • Multiplayer unstable with crashes or turn stuck usually happening with in 15 turns of playtime.  (common)  [game breaking]
    • Multiplayer ship designer issues (possibly causing some of the above issues.) (common) [very frustrating]
    • Multiplayer Lobby Issues, chat scrolling issues cutting off bottom lines.  (very common) [minor]
    • Multiplayer Lobby Issues, causing human players not showing in lobby when present (very common when more than 2 human) Not an issue with 2. [game breaking] Need more than 2 players available with Mercenaries in order to test.
    • Multiplayer Lobby Issues, causing human players factions to deselect and default to Terran or other factions. (common) [game breaking]
    • Multiplayer Lobby Issues, causing human players to not be able to select correct faction.  (common)  [game breaking]
    • Multiplayer Lobby issues, chat colors bleeding to next line, usually happens after scrolling is required.  (very common).  [minor]
    • Multiplayer Lobby Issues, long loading time on extended games for other players just to join the lobby.  (very common).  [game breaking]
  • Survey Ship Issues
    • AI doesn't upgrade survey ships, ever.  (common although may be as intended)  [exploit]
    • Survey ships don't auto explore protected anomalies (should be an option although may be as intended.)  [exploit] Fixed 1.6, however AI doesn't take damage.
    • AI doesn't survey precursor anomalies.  (common although may be as intended)  [exploit] Fixed 1.6, however AI doesn't take damage.
  • Ship Icons
    • Ship icons don't match factions color scheme unless it was manually created using ship designer (common) [minor]
  • Combat Viewer
    • If last item of either side is star base or (precursor anomaly) the combat viewer takes a long time to attack or go after that last object.  One usually has to speed it up to just get it over or wait a minute or two for it to start that phase of combat.  (very common) [annoying]
  • Display Issues
    • Planet and other galaxy features wobble on map when game loaded or player moves map.  (very common) [minor]
  • General Ship Issues
    • Unable to travel from one side of insane map to opposite side of map even though ship has range (Insane map only) [minor]
  • AI
    • Not upgrading star bases.  (common) [exploit]
  • Ship Issues
    • Precursor Hull Reinforcement has no mass/limitations [exploit]
    • Prototype Survey Module available prior to researching Survey technology.  [exploit]


That's all for now, however, I'm sure I'm missing several.  Screen shots can be provided if needed as well as live stream/video.  Also how to reproduce can be provided in more detail.  Most of these issue become more common on large games with many factions and larger maps and longer game time.