Camera Shake in 1.6

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I know the Beta is about feedback for bugs and not about aesthetics, but I have to object to the camera shake effect in the Battle Viewer.

I can ignore physics reality immersion issues if I have to, even though it bothers me tremendously that blowing up one tiny pirate ship shakes the whole universe every time.  What if it only happened for Huge hulls?

 I cannot take the visual effect, myself.  I find it jarring to my eyes.  I also find it gets extremely repetitive.  Then, it gets in the way.  I had one active battle with a portion of time I couldn't really see the action because several ships were dying sequentially and the screen kept jittering. That was not a pleasant Battle Viewer experience.

I don't know why my imaginary camera ship has no auto-gyro stabilizing system with advanced gravity control dampening options.  I do ask for a user option to turn the camera shake effect off completely.  I know it is a pain when players ask for this or that to be an option, but this does have an awful lot of visual impact.  If you do offer an option, thanks in advance.  My eyes jitter enough on their own as it is.