Stop using my designs!

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm sorry to ask this, I should probably know the answer by now, but it has only lately started to bother me.


1) I hate when the AI uses my ship designs, I mean, when the AI uses the designs I am using in a given current game.  I like my designs, within a game, to be unique to my faction.  How can I prevent other factions from using my designs?  My current understanding is that if I am using, say, Terran ships, then any other faction using Terran style ships may use my designs?  Yes or no?  


2) If I am using Terran ships, and the AI is using Iconian, can they still use my Terran designs?  I've noticed that even though I'm playing with the Terran ships, my (few) Yor designs are available to me as well.  So if, for any given game, I am the only faction assigned Terran ships, will only I have the option of using my Terran designs?


3) If I want to beef up enemy ships, do I need to start a game using each different ship style, and play it through for techs while designing ships as I go?  With the other options being downloading designs and/or using the console command to gain techs so I can design ships on turn 1?


One of the sub issues is that I save designs as 'templates' (in quotes to indicate I name them templates) with no equipped parts because I might need to start building a ship at different tech points in different games, and the capacity is not always the same at these points - rather than recreate the ship from scratch, I have the templates popping up as soon as the hull size is learned.  And over time I can modify the templates.  But I've seen some AI factions with "Star Cruiser Template 7" ships, or some such name, flying around, which hurts immersion.   How would you deal with this?